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Growing your business by growing your customers

At the core of every high-growth software business lies a single-minded focus on delivering the very best products to customers. To succeed, you need the right blend of capabilities across product, marketing, customer success, and data-driven planning. Importantly, no two companies are the same. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to growth. That’s why we take an integrated approach to helping you grow, delivering the expert cross-functional support you need to meet your individual challenges.

Christian Anthony

Christian Anthony

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


We've been able to tap into resources around pricing, building the marketing stack, and restructuring our client success organization. These have been phenomenal in moving our business forward and directly driving revenue.

High-growth businesses demand high performing teams

There’s a good reason we put people before numbers. It’s people who make things happen. It’s people that have the vision, that create awesome software, that deliver outstanding customer success. That’s why we support our companies with operational experts in strategic HR. They understand what it takes to build out a team capable of accelerating growth and helping you fulfill on your vision for your business. They’ll work with you to identify new hires, train the people you already have, and design an organizational framework where everyone can thrive.

Steve Sellers

Steve Sellers

Head of Talent

Building and maintaining a strong and cohesive leadership team while a company scales rapidly is one of the biggest challenges in all of our businesses. I love having the opportunity to jump in with our portfolio companies and help them navigate all the changes and opportunities that growth brings.

Capital is just the start

While providing capital is an obvious way we can help, driving growth is about much more than this. Helping you get where you want to go faster is about both enabling you to invest in your future and offering the experience, insights, and capabilities to help you make the best decisions for your business. It’s this combination that will enable you to accelerate your growth and avoid the kinds of roadblocks that hold so many software companies back.

Ximena Hartsock

Ximena Hartsock



Growth equity involves a much more thoughtful approach. Only an effective organization with proven track record can help you to do that. If you're an entrepreneur looking for the next stage for your company, you need to identify those entities that have shown that they can help you to hit that next level.

Going beyond organic growth with acquisitions

Sometimes, the optimal way to achieve your growth objectives is to acquire a complementary business. One that fills a gap in your capabilities, technology, or customer base. We’ll work with you to source acquisitions, analyze their performance and value, and put together a deal that benefits both parties.

Anthony Ferry

Anthony Ferry



Being able to purchase a sizable company and tuck it into our organization inside the first year of Frontier's investment was huge. There's absolutely no way that would have happened had it not been for Frontier. We would have had to pass. We probably wouldn’t have even known about the opportunity.