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Mary Anne Mason headshot


  • University of Kentucky, BA in Business (Marketing)

Previous Relevant Experience

  • Executive Vice President and a Founding Partner at Axia Health Management
  • Business Development Lead at Caremark
  • General Manager at Baxter International


  • What attracted you to Frontier Growth?

    Frontier demonstrates the kind of integrity that can be rare in this field. The firm really has the right idea about how to grow and scale companies so that they exit successfully. They don’t just talk about adding value, they do it.
  • What do you love about growth equity?

    Growth equity is really about helping entrepreneurs achieve their potential and about turning good companies into market leaders. I love having the opportunity to bring my experience and learnings to CEOs and their teams—the good, the bad, the ups and downs. I want to help them be successful at this stage in their careers, and this inflection point in the company journey.

    After the career I've had, it's a real opportunity to pay it forward and give something back to these entrepreneurs. It’s a privilege to support them and to serve as a trusted advisor.
  • What makes you a good fit for a healthcare business such as AccessOne?

    Over my career, I’ve worked with a number of companies in the healthcare space—from whiteboard startups through to a private equity-backed business that we grew and ultimately sold for $450m. I’ve spent three decades helping healthcare companies grow, scale and exit successfully. It’s a space I know well.

    I’ve also seen the private equity world from both sides of the desk—as an executive and as an investor. Now as an operating partner, I can put some of the challenges and opportunities into a wider perspective for the management team.

    I’m proud to see the impact a few years in at AccessOne. Our team has built and executed a go-to-market strategy, integrated a substantial acquisition and scaled up a team of A-players. AccessOne is on the national stage now and is recognized as the clear market leader in our space.
  • What excites you about the world of SaaS?

    I think SaaS is the ultimate business model for scale and growth.

    In healthcare, when we can bring technology into the picture to transform how we care for others, that's a big deal. That matters in the world. It's a really special opportunity.
  • How is technology changing the world of healthcare?

    Healthcare is behind most other industry sectors in terms of leveraging technology for a lot of different reasons. But that’s changing.

    Today, by transforming the way healthcare is delivered and accessed, we're able to positively impact the patient or consumer experience and help more people get the care they need.

    Innovation and technology are the keys to achieving better outcomes, sustainable economics, and helping consumers own their health. It’s important work.
  • What’s the future for the growth equity industry?

    It's going from being a source of capital to really driving value in organizations.

    When I started in this field, it was much more about evaluating companies as good investments, providing capital, and betting on the right management team and the right sector.

    Today, providing capital is table-stakes.

    Now it's about bringing unique expertise, resources, and a clear strategy to the table. It’s about unlocking capabilities to help those companies—those entrepreneurs—on the next leg of their journey. It’s gone from passive to very active. It’s about much more than capital. It’s about being real partners in value creation.

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