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Roberto Muñoz headshot


  • UCLA Anderson School of Management, MBA
  • Duke University, BS in Engineering

Previous Relevant Experience

  • Senior Vice President, Dental and Vet at CareCredit (now part of Synchrony Financial)
  • General Manager, Global Extremities at Zimmer
  • President, Americas at BSN Medical
  • Chief Commercial Officer at Katena


  • What excites you about the world of SaaS?

    SaaS companies are bringing innovative solutions that solve real business challenges, fundamentally change how we work, and create real value to their customers. The innovation involved in creating a winning SaaS company is another aspect that attracts me. The environment is fast-paced, high energy, growth-oriented and the types of individuals who gravitate to SaaS companies are smart, creative, and love to compete—exactly the type of people I love working with.
  • What attracted you to Frontier Growth?

    The track record of success at Frontier Growth is tremendous and their focus on growth equity is a winning formula. But most importantly, it is the culture at Frontier that attracted me.

    Everybody wants to be part of a winning team, but if you can also join a group of people that gets there the right way, parks their egos at the door and values their employees, it makes it so much more rewarding and fun.

    In addition, I’m also a big fan of how Frontier gives back to the community. The Frontier Growth Foundation makes you feel proud about working for a company that not only walks the talk but also leans in and supports its employees and the local community.
  • What do you love about growth equity?

    I’m passionate about growth and love the whole process of taking a growing company and finding ways to turbocharge their success even further.

    Each company we work with is at an important inflection point and It’s about finding the secret source for how the business can rapidly grow and scale and ultimately reach their full potential.

    No two companies are the same. So it’s always a case of finding the right levers. Results come from integrating a number of strategies and tactics to maximize opportunities. It’s fun, exciting work.
  • What makes you a good fit for the companies you work with?

    Each team that I work with has a successful business and a CEO who has been tremendously successful. What I add to the mix is growth expertise. I can help the company add new muscles to an already successful business model to achieve whole new levels of growth.

    If turbocharging organic growth is the focus area, we can roll up our sleeves and figure what go to market strategies and tactics will work.

    If changing the pricing model is a key opportunity, together we can leverage the right expertise, analytics, and customer insights to make it a data-driven, customer-centric exercise.

    If acquisitions are the focus, we can tackle identifying the right targets and making M&A a reality.

    No two businesses are alike and what I bring to the table is the ability to effectively partner with the CEO to develop the best plan that will help unlock the full potential of each company I work with.
  • What are your ambitions for your portfolio companies?

    Companies join the Frontier family in order to help them achieve their full potential. My ambition is that this journey is a successful one from the very first day.

    This ranges from working with the leadership team to putting in the core foundations for accelerated success to architecting the right growth plan to achieving key milestones to celebrating wins as we achieve the company’s goals.

    Ultimately, the journey of being able to plant that flag at the top of the mountain and say that we got there together as partners is tremendously fun and rewarding.


  • April 27, 2021

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