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Sean Downs headshot


  • San Diego State University, BS in Finance

Previous Relevant Experience

  • CEO at Healthx
  • CEO at Enclarity, Inc


  • What are your ambitions for the portfolio companies you work with?

    The main one is growth of course but one of the things I tell CEOs is that we need to focus first on building a great business.

    If you try to position your company for a sale from the start you'll be disappointed. I've seen companies make mistakes when they're focused too much on the sale. It leads them to postpone some of the decisions they need to make that will help build a great business for the long run.
  • What does your role involve on a day to day basis?

    The role can cover everything from acquisitions and growth planning to areas such as sales, marketing, customer success, and recruiting for key executive hires. Basically, I help with strategy and organizational issues as the company grows.
  • What convinced you to join Frontier?

    What really stood out about Frontier was the culture of the firm. They had real integrity. And I just really liked the people. That was very important for me.

    Then, after working with them as a CEO and having a very successful outcome in selling Healthx, the opportunity to join as an Operating Partner was an ideal fit. It meant I got to work with people I like but also use my skills and experience to help other companies.
  • What is it about the software business that excites you?

    There are so many different market niches you can be successful in if you are focused and have the right plan.

    As a business, software offers significant value to customers. The recurring revenue streams are very predictable.

    And I love the innovation aspect — you find a market niche that is underserved and create technology that solves a key problem better and faster than what’s been available previously.
  • What do you like about working in the growth equity space?

    I love being able to quickly make an impact on the companies I work with.

    Today’s CEOs have lots of balls to juggle. I'm an extra set of experienced hands that can help them accelerate key initiatives. That's exciting.

    I also like the diversity of being involved with multiple businesses and the ability to share best practices across companies.
  • What would you say makes you a good fit for the portfolio companies you work with?

    Well, it helps that I don't want the CEO's job. While I've had the CEO role multiple times, at this stage in my career I really enjoy being more of a player/coach. It means I can act as a trusted advisor, helping CEOs deal with their most pressing problems without any secondary motivations.

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