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We are thrilled to announce our most recent investment in atVenu, a leading point-of-sale platform to the live events industry. atVenu integrates payments and maximizes revenue opportunities during live events for Merchandising Companies, Concert Promoters, Artists, Venue Operators, Festival Promoters and Food and Beverage Concession Companies. During a live event, atVenu makes it easy to manage event staff, merchandise stands, track inventory, and provides real-time visibility into day of sales. This enables data-driven decisions so vendors and concessionaires can optimize event sales and analyze post-show data by event, SKU, and artist.

Andrew Lindner

Andrew Lindner


We’re excited to be partnering with the atVenu team at this critical inflection point in the company’s growth trajectory. Their commitment to the customer and end markets they serve is unrelenting, and we were drawn to their unique ability to develop modern technology that is changing the way the live events market does business.

Andrew will join atVenu’s Board of Directors.

Read more about atVenu by visiting their website and read the full press release here.

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