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Congratulations to our team—Frontier Growth was named as one of Inc’s 2022 Founder-Friendly Investors, a list of the top Private Equity and Venture Capital firms with a track record of successfully backing entrepreneurs.

Inc. chooses honorees by interviewing founders regarding their experiences while working with firms and evaluating data to see how investors drove growth during their partnerships. Frontier Growth is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships, while staying committed to our People Before Numbers initiative to help each company and entrepreneur we back reach their full potential and accelerate growth.

Find the full list of honorees here.

Inc.’s 2022 List of Founder-Friendly Investors Award (awarded on October 12, 2022). The 2022 List of Founder-Friendly Investors recognition is awarded by Inc., an independent, third party that is not affiliated with Frontier Growth requested nominees provide them with no more than 5 entrepreneur references from U.S.-based, founder-led, portfolio companies that Frontier Growth sponsored investment vehicles had exited between January 1, 2017, and March 31, 2022, and Inc. independently assessed the nominees based on responses to a questionnaire by such entrepreneur references. The number of nominees reviewed for this recognition was not disclosed to Frontier Growth, and therefore, it and the percentage of nominees receiving the recognition, cannot be disclosed herein. Inc.’s recognition is not indicative of Frontier Growth’s future performance and was not based on the evaluations of clients or investors of Frontier Growth. Frontier Growth paid an application fee to participate in this process. Nominees were not required to be subscribers to Inc. media to be considered.

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