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New offering positions PriceSpider to serve global brands within a single, expansive global retailer network.

We are excited to share that PriceSpider has acquired Hatch, an Amsterdam-based SaaS company that helps brands drive sales by making products “shoppable”. Together, PriceSpider and Hatch will help brands better understand consumer buying patterns to optimize digital touchpoints globally.

Hatch’s where to buy technology and vast global retailer network has been the hallmark of its success. By creating a clear path to purchase across all channels, combining digital and local stock feeds, Hatch has successfully tapped into an otherwise elusive local retail partner network ranging from Europe to Asia and London to Taipei. Combined with PriceSpider’s existing footprint, this acquisition creates an expansive and efficient way to capture commerce data worldwide, including a global footprint to service clients and retailers within their local time zone and language. PriceSpider now serves over 90 countries globally with a total retailer network of 32,000.

View the full press release here.

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