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Dave Pandullo, Principal

We’re pleased to announce that Frontier Growth Principal, Dave Pandullo has been named on GrowthCap Partners’ prestigious Top 40 Under 40 rankings for 2019.

These rankings are designed to help growth-stage CEOs and LPs discover the market’s most accomplished and interesting investors. Competition to get on the list is fierce so we’re super-proud that Dave has been recognized.

Dave joined Frontier in 2015. Prior to becoming part of the team, he co-founded a mobile telehealth software business as well as worked in middle-market private equity and investment banking. Dave’s broad investing and operating experience gives him a valuable perspective on the challenges today’s founders and CEOs face in growing their businesses.

In addition to leading new investments, Dave is actively involved across a number of our portfolio companies, helping them unlock the strategy, focus, and support that can enable them to become true market leaders. He currently works with social media analytics specialist, ListenFirst; eCommerce consumer conversion optimization innovator, PriceSpider; and patient financing platform, AccessOne, among others.

“I feel humbled to be on a list with so many talented folks. At Frontier Growth we take a fundamentally different approach to many other firms. Of course we want all our companies to be financially successful, but we do this by putting people before numbers. The way we see things, it’s people who make the real difference in whether a business fulfills its full potential. This is why we’re focused on bringing in multi-disciplinary teams to help our companies’ leadership and employees drive standout growth in their markets. Because once you get the people aspect right, everything else just naturally follows.Dave Pandullo

Read the full GrowthCap Partners report here

GrowthCap Top 40 Under 40 Growth Investors 2019 (awarded December 16, 2019). Top 40 Under 40 Growth Investors of 2019 recognition is awarded by GrowthCap, an independent, third party that is not affiliated with Frontier Growth. According to GrowthCap, nominees applied and were independently evaluated based on written responses to questions on GrowthCap’s nomination form, including investment activity, post-investment contributions to portfolio companies, and firm development work, including fundraising, thought leadership and employee mentorship. GrowthCap also took into consideration third-party feedback and nominations from a nominee’s growth investor peers, portfolio company CEOs, or other market participants. The number of nominees reviewed for this recognition was not disclosed to Frontier Growth, and therefore, it and the percentage of nominees receiving the recognition, cannot be disclosed herein. GrowthCap’s recognition is not indicative of Frontier Growth’s future performance and was not based on the evaluations of clients or investors of Frontier Growth. Frontier Growth applied to receive the award and paid a fee to participate in this process. Nominees were not required to be members of GrowthCap to be considered.

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